The perfect snack box

196,00 kr 180,00 kr

When you order the snack box you will get both our sweet and savoury flavors. The cups will be:

NØD Blueberry bites are the perfect NØD snacks for sharing, walnuts, pine seeds, crunchy, moistened core, tasty balance of natural sweetness to bitterness walnuts.

This Nordic Nød snack is an irresistible combination of an intense taste experience of raspberry that explodes in the mouth and sweet raisins. A refreshing and balanced taste that with the raspberries give you a feeling of a gourmet handmade jam taste surrounded by fresh and crunchy nuts.

Our NØD Cranberry bites do not only have a very delightful taste that make you crave for more, but they also add a cleansing effect. A more foody variation of snack, sour sweet cranberry taste with a hint of fruity sweetness. Again, without any added sugar.

Juniper & Pepper
Our most crunchy and crispy snack, a delicate taste of pepper with a hint of juniper. This is definitely a hit when you are hungry and need a healthy alternative that makes you full.