NØD Bites

Next generation snacks

NØD bites is a range of healthy snacks made from the best ingredients inspired by old Nordic recipes. We bake with nuts and seeds, and in some snacks we even add some dried berries.
We simply work with four principles: No flour. No sugar. No dairy. No additives. It’s super simple!

We are NØD

The story
We are a Danish foodie couple. We started NØD with the aim to create a healthy snack for our three daughters without added sugar and, most importantly, with a great taste. 

We believe in the good raw products of the earth, and we are inspired by the old Scandinavian superfoods.

Our products are made with real, natural, sustainably sourced ingredients to provide a healthy alternative snack on the go. We created an alternative to unhealthy food and aim to change the way the world eats. 

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Where to buy..

Irma Strandboulevarden

Strandboulevarden 94

2100 Kbh. Ø.


Irma Illum 

Østergade 52, Underetagen

1100 Kbh. K.


Irma Gl. Kongevej

Gl. Kongevej 117

1850 Frederiksberg. C.


Irma Codanhus

Gl. Kongevej 64

1850 Frederiksberg. C.


Irma Valby Langgade

Valby Langgade 46-48

2500 Valby


Irma Rødovre Centrum

Rødovre Centrum 1g, St 150

2610 Rødovre


Irma Platan

Vesterbrogade 162

1800 Frederiksberg. C.


Irma Søborg Hovedgade 

Søborg Hovedgade 70

2860 Søborg


Irma Peter Bangs Vej

Peter Bangs Vej 61

2000 Frederiksberg.


Irma Finsensvej

Finsensvej 9

2000 Frederiksberg. 


Magasin, Mad og Vin
Kongens Nytorv 13
1095 København K
​MENY - Rotunden  
Strandvejen 64
2900 Hellerup
Nava Helsekost
Strandvejen 157
DK-2900 Hellerup
Sønder Blvd. 53,
1720 København V




Nordiska Museet
Djurgårdsvägen 6-16,
115 93 Stockholm


Pall Center Exploitation S.A.
2 Arelerstrooss
L-8552 Oberpallen